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This website has been filled with HTML links to make web browsing extremely easy. Anywhere you see underlined text you have an HTML link. These links can take you to a specific spot on a page, to another page on this site, or to another website altogether. The top of each page contains the site header with a Navigation Bar at the bottom of the header. Each link on the Navigation Bar will take you to another page on this site. Each page documented on the Navigation Bar may have subordinate pages.  By pointing to a specific page name you will get a drop-down menu of subordinate pages if subordinate pages exist.  See the Sitemap in the left-hand column for a complete breakdown of pages and subordinate pages.


The left-hand column on the Homepage is the Announcement Blog.  It contains a running history of changes made to the website.  Older entries are archived and may be viewed at any time.  Click on any of the dates at the bottom of the Announcement Blog and you will see the older entries.  You can browse backward and forward in the archive by clicking on the"older" and "newer" links.  Terminate the archive browser by clicking on "Home" on the Navigation Bar.

Your comments and recommendations may be docmented in the Guestbook; see the Guestbook buttons at the top of the Homepage under the Navigation Bar.  The right-hand column on the Homepage contains general information that is updated infrequently.  This text is followed by the "Recommend this Site" button.  Click on this link to recommend the site to your fellow ESHS classmates.  Under the "Recommand this Site" button you have an "Upcoming Events" section.  This section contains a one line summary of ESHS events that may be of interest to ESHS students, parents, faculty, and alumni.  For detail information on any of the events, go to the Events page.

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Class Representatives:

The Class Representatives category has been broken down into one main page and four subordinate pages. Each subordinate page represents Class Representative information for two decades.  For example, to see who all the Class Reps are for the classes of 1930 to 1949, you would go to the first subordinate page, Class Representatives 1930's and 1940's.  Your class rep is your primary contact for finding out about reunions and other class events.


The Membership category contains one main page and three subordinate pages. The main Membership page contains information about how to become a member.  The first subordinate page, "View Members - Old", contains three sections; Class Index, New Members, and Member Class Unknown.  The Class Index section is a matrix of graduating classes from 1930 to 2011.  Click on any of the "graduating year" links and you can view the Alumni Association members for that particular graduating class.  There is one page for each graduating class, 1930 through 2011.  Each of these pages has links to the previous class and the next class; this allows you to go from class to class without returning to the Member Index.  And, if you by chance find you have not yet become a member, click on the "Become a Member" link, and register as a member of the El Segundo High School Alumni Association.


The Newsletters page is a single page containing three sections:  ESHS Alumni Association newsletters, the Elder Eagle newsletter, and the Balding Eagle Newsletter.

About Us:

The "About Us" page itself contains contact information on the El Segundo High School Alumni Association. The "About Us" category has three subordinate pages.

Recommendations for improvement can be entered on the Guestbook on the Homepage.