Who Can Join?

Any former student of the El Segundo Unified School District who did graduate or would have graduated from El Segundo High School had they stayed in the area is eligible to become a member.

How Can You Join?

An online membership registration form has been created on the  Become a Member  page on this website.  Fill out that form according to the instructions on that page and submit it when done.  We will never give your personal information to any person or group without your permission.  The only personal information displayed on this website is your first name, last name, maiden name, current city and state where you reside.  If you do not want your city and state listed, make that request in the comments section of the membership form.

Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits to becoming a member of this organization. Our members will be notified of any future events of interest to El Segundo High School alumni; reunions, homecoming, Hall of Fame inductions, newsletters, etc.

What is the Cost?

Membership is FREE!  Initially members were asked to pay yearly dues of $10.00.  This seemed to be a deterent to many.  This requirement was lifted.  We may from time to time ask for donations to help pay for the cost of this website, newsletters, flyers, postage, etc. 

Who are our Members?

The View Members  page contains a graduating class index to allow you to view members by class; just click on the year of graduation.  This page also contains links to view Members in Alphabetical Order and to view Members by Maiden Name.  New Members who have joined the Alumni Association within the last two months are also listed on the View Members page.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding membership.