We are always looking for graduates of El Segundo High School.


Only first name, last name, and year of graduation are required.  Maiden name is very important if it applies.  However, we encourage you to fill in all fields. 


Your information is safe with us!  We will keep your information in our membership file for our own private use only.  Our membership file is external to the website.  Your information will never be shared with other individuals or groups without your approval.

What is Listed:

This website will only list your graduating class, first name, last name, maiden name, current city and state.  If you wish to have current city and state excluded, please add a note in the Comments section of the online membership form before submitting.  


Our previous website had open online registration.  Consequently, hackers were adding false names, false email addresses, and inappropriate web addresses.  To eliminate this your submitted membership request will be reviewed by our class reps to verify you were once a student in one of the El Segundo schools.  Your name on our membership rolls may take some time to validate.  If you attended El Segundo schools for a short period of time and would like to become an alumni association member, it may be beneficial to add information in the Comments section of the membership form; friends, teachers, schools, other members, etc. 

Email Address:

Your email address will not be present on this website; SPAMMERs will not be able to obtain it from the El Segundo Alumni Association.  The exception is the class reps; some have provided email addresses for this website to allow their classmates to get in contact with them.  If you would like your email address added to this website so classmates can contact you, add that information to the Comments section of the membership form.
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If you prefer to mail in or FAX your membership request, you can obtain a printable membership registration form by clicking on the link below.  This hardcopy form contains both a mailing address and a FAX number.

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