1982 ESHS Hall of Fame Inductee



Frank Edward Stockdale
Class of 1954


A.B. in Biology, Yale University
M.D. and Ph.D in Developmental Biology, University of Pennsylvania
Currently Professor of Medicine, Division of Oncology, Stanford University

"It was at El Segundo High School that my interest in biological science was fostered.  Of the many faculty who were particularly encouraging, Mr. Harden stands out.  The experience with him was important in inpiring me to excel in my work.  I think it was also formative in my desire to commit myself to a career of teaching.  The rewards I experience from caring for the sick and from teaching those who will be tommorrow's teachers or providers of health care are a major source of satisfaction.  I am prooud of having attended El Segundo High School and thankful for the opportunities that the school opened for me."