1984 ESHS Hall of Fame Inductee



Wayne Limberg, Ph.D.
Class of 1965


Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from Loyola University of Los Angeles; Ph. D. in Russian History from Georgetown University Graduate School; Dissertation; "Permanent Revolution:  Materials on the Origins and Meaning of the Theory and Its Influence on Marxist-leninist Thought."  Post Graduate Study on Soviet Policy towards the Third World at the University of London's School of Oriental and African Studies.


Analyst, Soviet Affairs, Central Intelligence Agency, 1974-1980; Research Analyst in Soviet Foreign Policy, Office for the Analysis of the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.  Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Department of State, 1980-198X; currently, Chief, Middle East/Africa/Latin America Branch, Third World Activities Division, Office of Soviet Analysis, Central Intelligence Agency.  Honors and Commendations:  State Department Certificate of Outstanding Performance, State Department Meritorious Honor Award for Analysis of Soviet Policy in Afghanistan, Africa, and the Mid-East; Director of Central Intelligence Exceptional Analyst Award.