2008 ESHS Hall of Fame Inductee



Sherwyn D. Hyten
Class of 1953

Born:  September 20, 1935  -  Place:  Pasadena, California. 
Parents:  Norine and Hubert Hyten.

At El Segundo High School

Involved in Scholastic Society; Varsity Football.


Graduated from Harvard University, 1953-1957.


Wyle Laboratories, Retired.  El Segundo, California; Washington, D.C., and Sr. Vice President, Huntsville, Alabama Operations.  Currently Trustee of Wyle Laboratories Trust.  Worldwide Executive for Nuclear Power Plant Safety Operations, Honorary Lifetime Member of American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) Main Committee for Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants.



"Believe in yourself; always help those less fortunate; and your dreams will come true."