2009 ESHS Hall of Fame Inductee



William L. Franklin, Ph.D.
Class of 1959

Born:  July 31, 1941  - Place:  Santa Monica, California. 
Parents: William J. and Thelma G. Franklin.

At El Segundo High School

Member and Speaker, House of Representatives, Student Body Vice President and President, 4 yr letterman; Water Polo; 1st team All Pioneer League, Water Polo. 1st team All CIF Water Polo, CIF Champions; 1958 Water Polo and 1959 Swim Teams.  USA 1958 National Water Polo Championships, 1959 Water Polo Pan American Game tryouts, both in Chicago, Il.


Attended El Camino College, Bachelor of Science 1964 in Animal Science from UC Davis; Master of Science 1968 in Wildlife Management, Humboldt; Doctor of Philosophy, 1978 in Wildlife Science, Utah State; Professor of Animal Ecology, (1975-2000) and Professor Emeritus, Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Management, Iowa State University, (2000-).


Research scientist, wildlife ecologist, teacher - mentor, filmmaker-photographer, communicator-writer-author, leader in scientific adventure tourism, pioneer in Peruvian and Chilean large mammal field studies, international authority, wild camelids (vicuna and guanaco) of South America. Authored over 110 scientific and popular publications, including writing and photographing articles for National Geographic; featured Time-Life 1975 Annual Photograph Yearbook outstanding scientist-photographers;  producer, wildlife films for Nova, Nature Discovery and National Geographic; established, managed the Patagonia Wildlife Reasearch station, Torres del Pain National Park, Chile; founder, chief scientist, Patagonia Research Expeditions; Falkland Research Expeditions; served on Rare and Endangered Species Commissions (Camelids and Felids), Internnational Union for the Conservation of Nature, Moges, Switzerland.


 "How many mountains not climed, forests not explored, oceans not paddled, rivers not run, deserts not crossed...if it had not been for the standard of excellence through perserverance instilled in me during those special years.  El Segundo High School, muchisimo gracias para todo."