1989 ESHS Hall of Fame Inductee



Janice Cessna Clarke
Class of 1954

Born:  September 8, 1936  -  Place:  Inglewood, California. 
Parents:  Helen and Eldon Cessna.

At El Segundo High School

Active in Scholarship Society, Orchestra and Band, Tennis Team, Spanish Club, Quill and Scroll, Junior Statesman, Drama Club, All California State Symphony, All Southern California High School Band, Bank of American Award.


Received Bachelor of Arts Degree from University of Redlands, 1958; Master of Arts Degree in Teaching from Reed College, 1963


Elementary School Teacher in California and Oregon, 1958-1968; Elementary Music Teacher in Arizona and Nevada, 1969-1981; Member and president of the Nevada State Board of Education, 1982-1989.

"During my school years at El Segundo, I was inspired to a lifelong love of learning.  This led to a career of sharing my enthusiasm for eduction with others and eventually becoming an educational policy maker.  Active participation is essential to our democracy and each of you must become involved.  Prepare to be an informed citizen and voter by learning about issues and exploring ideas.  Find a service that you can do for your school and community.  One person really can make a difference."