1989 ESHS Hall of Fame Inductee



Charles J. Brokaw, Ph.D.
Class of 1951

Born:  September 12, 1934  -  Place:  Camden New Jersey. 
Parents:  Mr. & Mrs. Charles Brokaw.

At El Segundo High School

Active in Teen-Age Group and Member of California Scholarship Federation.


Received Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology at California Institute of Technology, 1955; Ph.D. in Experimental Zoology, Cambridge University, England 1958; Guggenheim Foundation Fellow, 1970-71; National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow, 1955-58.


Research Associate, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Assistant Professor of Zoology, University of Minnesota; Executive Officer, Division of Biology, California Institute of Technology, Editorial Board, Journal of Cell Biology, Member, National Institute of Health Biomedical research Support Grant Advisory Committee, Current Assignment Professor of Biology, California Institute of Technology; Significant Research in Cell Behavior.

"As a scientist, I have been privileged to see things that have never been seen before, do things that have never been done before, and think things that have never  been thought before.  In a world changing as rapidly as ours, new frontiers for exploration are always emerging, not only in science but in all areas, ranging from art to social service.  There are more than enough challenges to go around for any who want them."