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eNewsletter  -  Fourth Quarter 2012

ESHSAA Members,

Did you enjoy the 3rd quarter eNewsletter?  Yea, we didn't get one either!  So, let's wrap up 2012 with an  eNewsletter  for both the 3rd and 4th quarters. As a matter of fact, let's review the entire year.  If by chance this emailed version of the  eNewsletter  is difficult to read, you can read the online version by clicking the link: eNewsletterIf you'd like to make comments and/or recommendations about the website, the eNewsletter, or the Alumni Association itself, send an email to:  webmaster@elsegundoalumni.org.   For those of you reading a mailed version of the Newsletter, you can correspond with us at:

El Segundo High School Alumni Association
P.O. Box 2733
El Segundo, CA 90245

Hall of Fame:

Rick Crowell Inducted
ESHS Hall of Fame

El Segundo High School welcomes Rick Crowell as the 2012 inductee into the Hall of Fame.  Rick Crowell was inducted on October 4.  The Hall of Fame selects inductees each year to represent all of the students who have graduated from El Segundo High School exemplifying its motto "Enter to Learn, Go Forth for Service."   Click here for the full story.

During 2012 our website has been enhanced and now contains an individual webpage for each of our Hall of Fame inductees.  These webpages are replicas of the actual Hall of Fame plaques currently hanging in the Hall of Fame room in the high school.  Links to all of the individual webpages can be found on the  Hall of Fame  page under  Honored Alumni

Know an alumni who epitomizes the El Segundo High School motto of “Enter to learn. Go forth for service”? How about nominating him/her to the ESHS Hall of Fame?  Hall of Fame nominations can be submitted all year round.  Any nominations received on or before July 31, 2013 will be reviewed this year.  Those received after this date will be reviewed during the next year’s review cycle. 

If you decide to nominate someone, please read carefully all the documents on the website pertaining to the Hall of Fame nominations.  Print and complete the form providing all requested information. The form can be mailed or FAXed to the address/FAX number provided on the top of the Nomination Form. You will receive a confirmation notification when your nomination request has been received.  Visit the  "Our Documents"  page to obtain all Hall of Fame forms. 

The Hall of Fame induction ceremony is held every year during Homecoming Week which usually falls in October.


It is with great sorrow that we learned of the passing of two of our Hall of Fame inductees.  In January we learned that Jody (JoAnn Armstrong) Aliesan, Class of 1961, and a 1985 inductee into the Hall of Fame passed away.  And then in October we received more bad news that Dorcas Haynes Birchim, Class of 1941, and a 1987 inductee into the Hall of Fame also passed away. 


On January 1, 2012 we had 983 members.  Cathy Rookstool McArthur, Class of 1977, became our 1,000th member on January 29, 2012.  By December 31, 2012 our membership count was up to 1194 members.  We would have realized an average increase of almost 19 members per month, but unfortunately 15 members passed away during the year. 

We started the year with five classes over the 30 member threshold.  By December we had eleven classes with over 30 members thanks to the hard work of our Class Reps.  Membership is free; start recruiting new members!  Members who supply email addresses will receive this quarterly eNewsletter electronically.  Members without valid email addresses on file will be mailed a printed copy.  Membership has its rewards!  Online registration is available at the  Become a Member  page.  This page also contains a link to a  printable application form  that can be printed, filled out, and mailed to us.  Our mailing address is contained on the printed form.

The following classes have exceeded the "30 member" threshold.  

How many can reach this goal in 2013?

In Memoriam:

The  In Memoriam  page has received many additions over the last six months.  Most additions is older information usually supplied by classmates or family and is posted on the  In Memoriam  page directly.  However if the information is recent we usually posted it in the  Announcements  section on the homepage.  Here is the list of deceased alumni that was placed in the Announcements section over the last six months:

1953Robert "Bob" Crawford1981Elizabeth Jean Kennedy
1960Fred Barenchi1960Sue Goetz
1937Alberta Maxine Keller Holcomb TeacherRobert Fischer 
1945Helen Bridges Hall1953Larry Puthuff
1955Beverly Winslow Heeter 1956Richard "Butch" Badger 
1941Dorcas Haynes Birchim 1948Bob Hughes
1947Richard F. Judge1957Joyce Anne Hiller
1933Janet (Etta) Law Grover 1983Charles "Charlie" Miller
1947John Horne 1970Denise Mineer Mitchell
1950John Mitchell 1968Clydde Mills
1961Danny "Bo" Myatt1963Glenna Peters Barenchi
1969Christopher Walker 1975Rodney Dean Randall

When you visit the "In Memoriam" page you may notice some of the last names contain embedded links; blue, bold, italic, and underlined.  This means there is additional information about this person.  It may be a link to an obituary, a link to an intersting story, or a link to a picture.  Click on the link and see where it takes you.

Coming Events:

Friday, January 11, 2013

60's Dinner Club
5:30 pm - Cocktails 'n conversation.
6:30 pm - Dinner 'n more conversation.
RSVP by:  Wednesday, January 9.
Contact:  Paul Collette at PaulofCal@yahoo.com
Chef Hannes
411 1/2 Main Street
El Segundo, CA 90245.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Brett Memorial Golf Classic
11:00am - Check in.
12:30 pm - Start time.
Cost:  $125.00.
Contact:  Craig Cousins at rcc90245@yahoo.com
  or (310) 640-7225.
19th Hole:  Standard Station.
Click here for event flyer & registration form.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

ESHS Alumni Association Meeting
10:30am to 12:00 noon
El Segundo Public Library

Three Generations Families:

During the 2nd half of 2012 we've added 4 Three Generation Families to our collection.  They are:

And don't forget our original 6 Three Generation Families:

Four Generation Families

Missing Information:

The following members did not specify their graduating class when registering for the El Segundo High School Alumni Association:

First Name Maiden Name Last Name
Rebeca     Hensley
Charles     Johnson

If any of these members graduated with you please forward graduation year information to webmaster@elsegundoalumni.org.

Invalid eMail Addresses:

We are no longer able to send emails to the following members because their email addresses have become invalid:

ClassFirst Name Maiden Name Last Name


Kenneth    Chabrajez 


AnitaJohnson    Meistrell 


Steve    Emery 


Richard    Borchert 


Mike    Sheets 


BrendaBeyer    Hensel 


Dowell    Peavemont 


Brian    McMahon


JudyPrice    De Young 


Donna    Kile 


NancyMoeller   Acosta 


Sharon    Traweek


Robert    Rime 


Lynn    Schneider 


Chuck    Banning 


Nick    Williams 


TerriDodd   Moser 


Dennis    Bernard


PatriciaRivas    Gardiner


JudyGriffith    Taylour 


Talbert    Fox 


Diane    Swire 


Bonnie    Wan 


Eva    Rubio 


DorothyBridges   Schearer 


Sharon    Pedace 


Chris    Ruedas


Tracy    Roberts


JoAnne    Middleton 


Jeff    Martin 


Cori    Martinez 


Casey    del Corno 


CarolePederson    Hiner 


SandraWhitehead   Chisum 


AnneGregory   Burton 


Tammy    Belinger 


Hubie    Burns


Scotty    Carr 


Kristina     Cherry 


SylvieHofius   Berserker


Shanda    Biolos 


Claudia    Rebora


GwenRocco    Catalano


PatriciaBlecka    Fickess


Rachel    Jarvis


Duke    Hingley


Clement    Mosseri


Jerry    Owen


Kathy    Miller

If you are in contact with any of these members please ask them to send their new contact information to webmaster@elsegundoalumni.org.


As 2012 comes to a close we'd like to thank all those members (and nonmembers) who made contributions to the El Segundo High School Alumni Association. It has been several years since we've received any donations, so this year's contributions are greatly appreciated. This year we received donations from: Eugene Beall ('49), Steve Hullibarger ('66), Michael Murray ('76), Matt & Dorothy Tyler Diederich ('50 & '49), Margaret (Peggy Mack) Ruebel ('52), Benita Droste Haley ('49), Keith McIlvain ('46), Betty Jo McIlvain ('48), Joy Thuresson Wheaton ('47), Ian Atkinson ('46), Horace Meine ('46), Wilton Kanode ('47), Keith McAllister ('46), Don & Lorena (Clifford) Claflin ('47), Walt Puffer ('47), Velta Bruce ('49), Alexei Maradudin ('49), Dee Squair Peterson ('49), and Marylyn Manley Lewis ('44).

Special thanks to Wilton Kanode for putting together a multi-year reunion (1946-1949), and soliciting donations from all those he was in contact with. Now you know why Wilton is the Class Rep Coordinator!  

If you enjoy viewing the website, reading the newsletters, and learning about Hall of Fame inductees, a small contribution would be greatly appreciated.  We do have plans to simplify this process by installing a credit card payment method via PayPal in the future, but for now we are only capable of processing checks.  If so inclined, please send us a note with your contribution to the address contained at the top of this  eNewsletterChecks should be made payable to El Segundo High School Alumni Association.


Let's wrap up this edition of the El Segundo High School Alumni Association's  eNewletter  with a "pop quiz".  What two ESHS graduates appear in two different Three Generation Families?  Here's a hint.   They're both members of the El Segundo High School Alumni Association.  Hope you have enjoyed reading this final edition of the eNewletter  for 2012.  Be sure to encourage your "nonmember" classmates to join our organization.

Thank you for your support,

ESHSAA Board of Directors